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Thursday, August 24, 2017

On August 23rd I went with Alli to a John Mayer concert, but that wasn't the most awesome part of the day. The weather was great and it was nice to have a day of fun on the beach, but even so, I had an even nicer day than I expected.  I was introduced to the work that Reverb does.  Reverb is a non-profit that creates full scale, customized programs to help concerts be greener. They work with both the artist and the venue.  AND Reverb also reaches out to concert fans to take a positive action to help the environment. They subscribe to the belief that everyone can DO something and that many people doing s...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This week, DIG Farm was so happy to have John Denizard and Carlos Navarro come up to the farm and join us at Hudson River radio for Alli's "Getting Dirty" segment.  John is not only a publisher at The Alchemist Food And Wine Magazine, he is the president & co-founder at Eat nYc The Bronx Food And Wine Festival. This yearly event raises awareness and donations for the Food Bank for New York City. John's dedication to providing food to where it's needed most inspires us to look outside our own kitchens and help our neighbors get clean, healthy food options.  If you tuned in to this week's show, be sure to...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Alli will always have a special bond with the founders of Deep Roots farm. Scott and Stormie worked the land that is now DIG farm. They are dedicated to providing their community with wholesome, organic produce and embrace sustainable farming.  We wish them luck at their new location.  Check them out for yourself at

Friday, June 30, 2017

Corn, pole beans, and squash were considered by the Iroquois nation as gifts from the Great Spirit.  They were grown, harvested and served together.  There are several versions of the story of the three sisters but the underlying theme is that sisters are inseparable and each are valuable to the others well being.

~ Just like the eldest sister, corn provides the support to lift the beans to the sunlight.

~ The middle sister is often called the giving sister, and beans pull nitrogen from the air to enrich the soil for her and her sisters to thrive.  She also intertwines herself through each plant and...

Friday, June 30, 2017

"New York City recognized the need to care for orphans as early as 1653, but the government never did enough for the needy. Fortunately, there were always some citizens who gave their money and time to help, and by 1900, there were dozens of new institutions—settlement houses, charity organizations, and religious groups—who tried to fill the gaps.

The Children’s Village was founded in 1851, and today our mission remains very much the same as it was at our founding: We work in partnership with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically p...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello DIG-gers!  We hope this update finds all that follow our activities settling into 2017 with abundance and gratitude. We are taking this time to share with everyone how thankful we are for all that have been supportive of DIG Farm,  with our goals of reconnecting people to the wholesome good of the farm, promote the good food movement and support us in our endeavors to teach children to grow an organic and sustainable future.

Monday, December 19, 2016


       This past Tuesday December 13th we paid another visit to the Hawtree Creek MS, though it was a bit chilly out the sun was shining and we spent some time in the garden. We harvested a large amount of parsley from the raised bed, which the kids split up and took home with them. The kids then went around and picked up pieces of trash that had found its way into the space and learned how to remove this past seasons plants from the beds. Everything pulled from the beds went into the compost pile, along with two buckets of coffee grounds, they mixed the compost a bit and we mov...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

     Hello DIG-gers! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. On November 15th we got to go visit the Hawtree Creek MS students once more. As always we had a fantastic time with the kids there. This time around we made hummus with them, talked about the importance of organic composting, discussed what we were going to be up to in the coming months and had them fill out a sheet to find out what they wanted to grow in their beautiful garden area in spring and summer of 2017.

     First thing we did was have each student list ten things that they would truly enjoy starting from seed a...

Monday, November 7, 2016

      It gives me such an immense amount of joy to be bringing the news in this blog to the eyes of all of our dealing in good supporters! We at D.I.G. Farm have become the proud farmers of this 1 1/2 acre piece of land in North Salem NY, located on Ice Pond Farm. For the last two years this land has been passionately cared for By farmers Scott and Stormie O'Rourke of Deep Roots Farm NY. We have a loving partnership with Deep Roots and are so proud to see them move to a much larger organic certified piece of land in Hudson NY where they can continue to bring fresh organic herbs, vegetables, pickles, pes...

Monday, October 31, 2016

     I am so excited to share what we are up to right now with all of you lovely DIG supporters. This past Tuesday October 25th we officially embarked on what was the first of many exciting educational workshops with the students and faculty at the Hawtree Creek Middle School in Queens. Some 30 student council members and honor roll students attended the hour and a half after school workshop which encompassed a few valuable life skills; learning to pot first generation basil seeds, harvesting fresh basil from the beautiful organic garden and how to make fresh vitamin packed pesto!


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