Bringing edible parks to the Bronx!

A huge part of our mission is to engage communities in the process of growing their own food -- especially those in urban areas. For Earth Day this year, we planned two events in these parks and, in cooperation with volunteers and community members, we planted perennial herbs in several areas throughout. The goal of these projects is to spread awareness that communities can take control of their food system - and to get DIGGING!

Seton Falls Park, Bronx, NY, April 2015

Over 70 volunteers came to help us plant perennial herbs in several different areas along the walking trails in this beautiful park. In cooperation with Starbucks Coffee Company, Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, and all of our sponsors, we carried out an amazing event that took the park to the next level - it allows the community to benefit from it even more.



Zimmerman Playground, Bronx, NY, April 2015

As reported in The Bronx Times and News 12 Bronx, D.I.G. Farm helped create this Earth Day event with BPECA (Bronx Park East Community Association). This playground needed some revitalization, so we brought the party to the park! Scores of people from the surrounding communities came out to help us paint, plant, and have a great time!