Spring Is In The Air.

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Carey Chaney

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The weather is finally breaking and everywhere you look the earth is showing signs of new life sprouting up through the ground. Which means Volunteer days are in full swing on DIG Farm! I mean there are few things I personally find more fun then spending a weekend morning getting dirty on the farm while connecting with nature, but please by all means come out and draw your own conclusions. For anyone reading this who has yet to visit DIG Farms acre and a half teaching farm located on Ice Pond's 42 acre picturesque property in North Salem NY, you have been missing out I assure you. Come out Thursday through Sunday mornings and volunteer with us! We had our first successful volunteer day of the season on March 24th special thank you to everyone involved that day!

We understand not everyone has the time to volunteer, that's okay there are lots of ways you can help support our mission to reconnect people to the natural good of the farm. Buy tickets to come out and attend one of our farm to table Sunday Brunch events prepared with love by the ladies of DIG Farm. Sit outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful tranquility of farm. There is always a visit to the barn to say hello to Lewis the pig and Poncho the rabbit. Priscilla the chicken has become a mascot, part of the family and kind of a local celebrity gracing the local paper with Founder and President Allison Turcan. Brunch is usually finished up with a tour of Dick Button's breathtaking gardens.

There will be workshops throughout the season you can sign up for on the website, like Grow Your Own Mushroom log or our Do Good For Earth Day event. That's just the month of April! There is a whole season of activities to get involved with.

Sunday mornings come visit our farm stand and get fresh seasonal produce starting June 2nd at 10 a.m.. Every Monday night at 6 p.m. you can listen to "Getting Dirty" on HudsonRiverRadio.com, call in and participate on a variety of topics from abolishing garden pests to sustainability in our communities.

In the past we have had great success working with corporate volunteer groups as well as youth groups and look forward to it again this growing season. You can sign up to bring your volunteer group to the farm through our website. There is also an option to make a donation, all donations go to building the future of DIG Farm and its mission. This is already shaping up to be such an exciting year and we look forward to working with everyone new and old alike.

Let's get DIG-ing!