On Demand Recycling!

May 20, 2015


Want to plant some seeds but don't want to spend money on planters?

You can use TP rolls and milk containers instead!


1. Go to your local Starbucks

2. Ask a barista if they have or will save TP rolls, milk containers, and coffee grinds for your garden

3. Bring your FREE recycleables home and start planting!


Coffee Grinds - Mix in coffee grinds with your soil or compost; the nitrogen in it helps your plants to grow! It also keeps the grinds out of landfills, repels ants and slugs, and entices earthworms to help your garden stay healthy!


TP rolls - use scissors to cut roll in half, fill each half with your soil, pop in a couple of seeds, and stick it in a tupperware! 


Milk containers - use scissors to cut the bottom half away from the top half, and use the bottom as a planter for your seeds!

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