3 Recipes for a Fresh Summer

August 15, 2016



Hello Everyone!


We wanted to thank everyone again for your overwhelming support recently! Last Friday we met a lot of new and inspiring people at the Eat nYc Food & Wine Festival at the Bronx Zoo and many of you had asked for the recipes we used for our samples. True to our word, here they are! 


Keep in mind, though, that while the recipe is important, the main reason our food was SO fresh and great was because of the quality ingredients we used! We used all organic vegetables picked from Deep Roots Farm in North Salem, NY; for example, we used San Marzano and various Heirloom tomatoes because they are so full of natural flavor for both our gazpacho and bruschetta.


If you have your own veggie garden, use what you can from there! Fresh pickings make for the best flavor. If you have a neighbor that grows different produce than you do, maybe they are willing to trade with you. You can also try to find a community garden, or visit a local farmers market to get your produce. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Happy eating!


Cold Cucumber Soup 



Bruschetta - NOTE: We did not use Parmesan in our samples







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