Hawtree Creek MS

August 17, 2016

Back in June we embarked on a project in Queens, to bring vegetables, fruits and flowers to the students of the Hawtree Creek Middle School. At the end of the 2015/2016 school year we installed two garden beds of our own construct. One of the garden beds containing transplanted vegetables and herbs, in the other the children planted seeds to be harvested this fall such as pumpkins and squash. These children were an absolute joy to work with and were engaging through out the entire afternoon. One of our supporting Chefs came out and did an organic cooking session using ingredients that match much of which had been planted that day; they enjoyed both the cooking and the eating!


We really wanted to take this garden project to the next level and give these kids a chance to experience things from a different perspective. Taking a vision of providing them with an educational and interactive haven to connect these kids to the good of growing your own organic food supply we shared what we were doing with Lowe's Heroe's and we were awarded a grant. May I just say, an amazing group of individuals came together to make this garden truly something special. When you bring together a group of heroes and some people that are dealing in good the outcome is inspiring!


We are so proud to be apart of this ongoing project. Starting this fall we will be doing a variety of workshops with the students through out the school year. Children will learn how to plant, care for, harvest, prepare and cook their harvest, and so much more.


If this is something you would like to see in your community please reach out to us!


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