From Deep Roots to D.I.G. Farm

November 7, 2016


      It gives me such an immense amount of joy to be bringing the news in this blog to the eyes of all of our dealing in good supporters! We at D.I.G. Farm have become the proud farmers of this 1 1/2 acre piece of land in North Salem NY, located on Ice Pond Farm. For the last two years this land has been passionately cared for By farmers Scott and Stormie O'Rourke of Deep Roots Farm NY. We have a loving partnership with Deep Roots and are so proud to see them move to a much larger organic certified piece of land in Hudson NY where they can continue to bring fresh organic herbs, vegetables, pickles, pesto and so much more in an even greater abundance to the public. They really have acquired an amazing piece of land to further all the good they bring into this world, including heated floor greenhouses and a ton of acreage to grow on. It is an absolute pleasure to grow with these amazing young farmers and further our mission to bring awareness of organic farming, sustainability and the importance of the good food movement to people all over New York.

      There are so many reasons we are excited about taking over this property as D.I.G. Farm's first hands on educational working farm, it really is a challenge figuring out where to begin. So I am going to start with the kids! We at D.I.G. Farm truly love working with children and feel it is so important to bring the good food movement to them to show them hands on how wonderfully rewarding it is to eat healthy organic nutrient rich food, to give back to this beautiful planet which provides us so much and learn the importance of sustainability for the sake of everyone's future. We are also extremely pumped to be working with some amazing teachers from all over the five boroughs in professional development programs this coming spring and summer 2017 giving them all the skills they need to be equipped with to bring back to the classroom with them in the fall.

      We have so many opportunities and activities to get involved with on our new property. Here are just a few of the different workshops and hands on activities we are totally psyched about, planting, the benefits of and proper composting, farm to table cooking classes, preserving and jarring for the winter months, harvesting and organic farming knowledge for all ages. All of these things I have mentioned are just a small taste of what is in store for the up coming season. Don't worry I will be keeping everyone posted. :)

      Now you maybe asking yourself how you can get involved with all the fun. We are always looking for good, like minded people to volunteer their time with us and you can sign up for that right on our web site We are very interested in any and all community out reach programs and welcome all ages and skill sets. As I said earlier we love, love, love working with kids and encourage anyone in contact with youth groups to please reach out to us if you are interested in setting up activities for the kiddies. We also offer community service hours to anyone who may be in need of them. If you would like to make arrangements for field trips, specific organic farming workshops or any other types of dealing in good, please feel free reach out directly to either Allison Turcan or myself Carey Chaney we are always looking for ways to make the world a greener place.

      I just want to take these last few sentences to really express how completely elated we are to be expanding our efforts by taking on this property. We have such a love of good people and a passion for changing the world for the better. Spreading the word on how truly important the good food movement is and educating people of all ages and backgrounds in the importance of organic farming and how to give back to this beautiful world we have been so blessed to be apart of. It is vitally important that humanity find unity and take the proper steps together for a sustainable way of life; organic farming is a huge part of ensuring not only our future, but the future of the generations to come. We look forward to getting our hands dirty with all of you and grow a better, greener future!  


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