Going to a concert, but....

August 24, 2017

On August 23rd I went with Alli to a John Mayer concert, but that wasn't the most awesome part of the day. The weather was great and it was nice to have a day of fun on the beach, but even so, I had an even nicer day than I expected.  I was introduced to the work that Reverb does.  Reverb is a non-profit that creates full scale, customized programs to help concerts be greener. They work with both the artist and the venue.  AND Reverb also reaches out to concert fans to take a positive action to help the environment. They subscribe to the belief that everyone can DO something and that many people doing something has a greater impact than a few trying to do everything.


Please, please check them out if you aren't already familiar with what they do at reverb.org.


One of the things they do is set up an Eco-Village at the venue for the audience to learn about local and national non-profits, green products and technologies. It is like a festival; with games, prizes and fan calls-to-action.

Alli and I were able to participate and represent DIG farm at the Eco-Village. We were ready to engage with people and share our passion with them.  We even had a basket of free tomatoes that we just harvested from the farm that morning to lure them to our table!

I was surprised at how long it took people to come over because, in my experience, food and drink samples are always popular.  I felt people were a little distrustful at first and we even got questions like "Are they clean?"  That gave Alli and I the opportunity to talk about DIG farm and it only took a couple of people to say "Oh, so they are organic?" before the crowd included us in their evening!  We met a lot of people from all over the city (and even up by us in Westchester) and it was clear to me that people really are concerned about what they eat and where their food comes from.  I have to say I was impressed by the amount of young men who joined the conversation and asked questions because I was raised in a kitchen where the women made all of the food choices for the family.

I love volunteering at DIG farm because it reminds me of my childhood and it gets me outside. But after this event, I got an appreciation for what Alli and DIG farm can mean to my community.


BUT.... the awesomely awesome part of the evening was that Reverb gave us VIP tickets to the show!!!!  This was my first time in the VIP section. It was huge!  The staff at Jones Beach was so helpful! AND, I have another new memory!


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