Opening Day at the Market

This past Tuesday blessed us with a picturesque day down by the waterfront at Preston High School for the Grand Opening of the North East Bronx Farmers Market. We at DIG Farm are so excited and grateful to be apart of this weekly local market this summer and well into the fall months. Okay so lets just get right to it! There was something for everyone on Tuesday, from all natural locally handcrafted pet treats from Pet Wants to homemade accessories by OffDaBolt. Keep in mind its early in the growing season, part of the beauty of farmers markets is being able to shop with the growing season. Having the ability to enjoy fruits and vegetables at the peak of their growing season harvested at just the right time to ensure optimal nutritional benefits and flavor. So you have to come every week to see what's new! ;)

Since at DIG Farm our ultimate drive is to reconnect people to the natural good of the farm and local farmers themselves, we came towing an array of products to represent not only ourselves but a few amazing local farmers. Lets face it we have a passion for bringing local farmers together. From our friends at Ryder Farm (practically neighbors really)an assortment of 4" potted flowers and herbs. Deep Roots Farm graced our table with their amazing pickles and pickled veggies as well as an assortment of greens. We were also grateful to represent Grape Hollow Farms who provided fresh Hudson Valley pasture raised chickens, eggs, hand crafted cider and maple syrup, truly amazing what these young farmers are doing together! Since we ourselves brought hummus which almost sold out, as well as Carrot Ginger Dressing, pesto and small bottles of honey which did sell out. We promise to increase production on the pesto and dressing. We still have large bottle of the fantastic local, sustainably sourced honey coming out of South New Berlin. This honey is only filtered once so it retains all of its natural benefits. Again as the growing season progresses so will our fresh farm offerings, things like salsas and fresh tomato sauce will become available. Of course let's not forget the ever changing freshly harvested produce that will be coming soon! I mean the market even closed up with a free yoga class by the water, I can't think of many better ways to feed your body and mind then a stroll through a local market full f ositive energy and a grounding yoga session.

I want to take a minute to give a shout out to all the vendors that came out and shared in supporting both the market and the community itself. Pet Wants, BennuVegan, Color Street, OffDaBolt, Waterside Candle, Hand crafted Catering and Events, Grape Hollow Farms, CLR Trust, S & V Jams, Sweet Milk & Sugar Desserts, 2WDF, Lewis Waithe Farm and I feel I may have overlooked someone, if so your awesome too! A very special thanks to Chrys Cicalo Napolitano and everyone who worked with her to found this market bringing a healthy, sustainable and positive venue to the surrounding community. We could not be happier to be involved!

Come join us this summer at Preston High School 278