Summer Sun, DIG Farm Fun!

Hey there DIG-gers hope everyone out there is enjoying their summer! We at DIG Farm have been busy little bees. So let's take a bit of time to catch up!

First things first, it's very important to start out by expressing how grateful DIG is for all of the wonderful volunteers we have helping us to achieve our mission! There are so many amazing like minded people that help in a multitude of different ways to support DIG in moving forward each and everyday, thank you with all our hearts. We also had a fantastic new group of Volunteers come to the farm this past Thursday from Morgan Stanley. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning preparing the back of the farm for fall crops with this awesome group of folks. Now call me crazy, most people do, but I got the distinct feeling that from the moving of rocks and laying of the ground cover to the harvesting of the peppers in a bit of a rainfall these beautiful souls had just as much fun as we did! I feel confident in saying we will see them again before the end of the summer. Volunteer days are Thursday through Sunday and we are always excited to meet new people of all ages and backgrounds whether it be out of curiosity or a passion to change the world one garden at a time.

In addition to being able to collaborate with so many different people, as many of you know we have been enjoying bringing fresh organic produce and products to the Farmers Market at Preston High School every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., if you have yet to make it, it's cool, there's plenty of time to come see us. Maybe next Tuesday? More often then not we are not only packing up as much as we can from our property to yours, we work with surrounding farmers to also bring fresh goodies from them as well. This way we can offer the surrounding community as much as possible from local Westchester growers. That being said thank you to all who have been supporting us weekly, seeing some of the same people every week is a really wonderful feeling.

But wait there's more. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who made our last