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New for 2019* D.I.G. Farmstand*

Visit D.I.G. Farm and let us share our bounty!

Find your seasonal favorites, and pick up something new.

Sundays at 10 AM, starting June 2!

Back for a new season* Sunday Brunch*
Enjoy a farm-to-table meal while learning how we reconnect to the natural goodness of the farm. End the day with a stroll through our picturesque gardens.
Join us: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15 & October 13
We are in route to the farmers market at

We are returning to The Bronx this Summer! Our Farmer's Market is at Preston High School, a beautiful venue with views of the river. Shop for all your seasonal produce, harvested locally and organically, of 'course. Meet an amazing variety of vendors who are also trying to do good for their community.

Every Tuesday at 4 PM, Starting June 18


Friday Night BBQ!    July 12

Come see DIG Farm's unique fireworks show!

This will be the only farm-to-table BBQ we are hosting this season.

Join us for a relaxed meal, live music, and end the evening watching the fireflies light up the night!