how you can help!

Your kindness and generosity is a gift to those involved in our organization, especially to the communities we help to thrive. We have no shortage of dreams to bring to reality - we want you to take part with us! Get involved and Deal in Good however you can:

  • Come to one of our fundraisers - always guaranteed to be a great time!

  • Donate! If you can't attend, you can always donate to help our cause!

  • Choose DIG Farm,Inc as your Amazon Smile!

  • Volunteer at or buy tickets to one of our events or at D.I.G Farm in North Salem, NY - no previous experience necessary

  • Sponsor one of our events or projects - we love collaborating with new friends!

  • Do you have a farm in the New York area? We would love to network!

  • Suggest a project in your community for us to take on!

D.I.G. In Your Home!

We love to give ourselves the ability to eat from our own backyards; it saves time and money when dealing with groceries. Most importantly, the plants are fresh and natural, grown by our own hand. In the spirit of community, we'd like to help you create or improve your own garden! Have the space, but not the skill? Small space, and need some creativity? Just an extra few hands? Contact us and we'll come up with a plan for you to D.I.G